Horse Barns – 7 Tips to Make Your Horse Barn Perfectly Safe

Horse barns need to be safe. You simply cannot afford to allow any sort of negligence when it comes to barn safety precautions. So, when you build a barn, check for these elements and ensure that all precautionary measures are strongly in place.


Place light fixtures at a point not accessible by horses

Horses are curious creatures. One of your horses might just get curious and try to examine a light with its muzzle, resulting in the animal’s nose taking a severe burn. So, you need to make sure that lights in the barn are always placed on the roof or at a level that cannot be reached if a horse raises its head.

Also, all electrical systems including wiring should be enclosed. Make sure that there are no live wires in the barn. Wires should not hang in the barn as well. Pin them along the walls.

Ensure adequate aisle width

The aisle should be wide enough to allow the horse to turn one full round without touching the sides. Also, the aisle should allow two horses to easily pass through without crowding or congestion. According to standards, a width of 8’ is adequate.

Ensure adequate ceiling height

The ceiling should be high enough to prevent horses from bumping their heads when they rear on their hind legs. You can decide ceiling height based on the size of your horses. Usually, a ceiling height of 10’ is found to be enough.

Install sturdy, non-slip floors

Sturdy and non-slippery floors are important as much for your safety as for the horses’ protection. Rough or textured concrete floors are suitable for horse barn floors.

Install sliding stall doors

Sliding doors are good choices because they avoid you or the horse from getting hit. Since these doors don’t swing in or out, chances of injury are very low.

Keep track of structural elements in barns

Inspect the barn regularly and look for loose wood panels, floor boards, protruding nails and other such things. These things, although seemingly small, can cause serious injury to the horse. So, if you find them, get them repaired without procrastination.

Install robust fire safety measures

You should be very careful about installing fire safety measures in the barn. In addition to installing smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and sprinklers, enforce a strict “No Smoking” rule in the barn. Also, store dry hay in the loft. Water heaters in the barn should not run dry. Do not bring in any combustible items inside the barn.

Ensure barn safety and enjoy peace of mind.

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